Butch Mardaw

A scruffy brute with a feral gleam in his black eyes.


“Black Butch” Mardaw is a rugged hunter with a legendary knack for coming through against long odds. Everyone knows: if you need something hunted or killed, Butch is your man. He’s been doing the community’s dirty work for too long—and knows too many secrets—for locals to regard him with anything but fear and respect.

Butch has sired dozens of bastards over the years, enough to make a gang. Since he has a soft spot for his ruffian brood, everyone does their best to tolerate the Mardaw Boys.

The quest to find the lost mine of Karak began in disaster for the Mardaws. What should’ve been a field day of highway robbery resulted in the deaths of some of their best men in the Haunted Forest. Black Butch himself narrowly avoided destruction at the hands of a band of adventurers. However, the cunning old hunter leveraged the situation and was able to convince Duke Ebonhawke to make him the new Sheriff.

Involvement in the Vampire Conspiracy

Butch and his brood were making easy money secretly moonlighting as muscle for Count Vendess until it was revealed that the Count considered them expendable. He then aided a band of heroes in defeating the Count and rescued dozens of hostages, solidifying his already fabulous reputation as the best man in town.

Butch Mardaw

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