Duke Ebonhawke

A dapper gent in his middle years, rail thin. He wears a knowing smile.


Duke Alistar Ebonhawke, age 46, belongs to that breed of landless noble often found haunting the courts of Capitar in recent years.

The Reclamation offers such persons the opportunity to press ancestral claims on newly liberated lands—claims often made dubious by the passage of time and the more recent chaos of the Goblin Wars. But fortunes can be made quickly, provided one has enough political favor and financial backing. Ebonhawke managed to gain both in a phenomenal coup by marrying the king’s sister, the Princess Margaret.

The Duke’s proclivity for things foreign is well known. He’s traveled extensively overseas and has steadily accumulated several exotic objects and acquaintances (most notably the Orb of Darkness and Fatale—both no longer with him). With this retinue he recently arrived in Thunderstone and proceeded to proclaim it his domain under royal writ. He began by dissolving the town council, then moved quickly to replace the militia with his own men and initiate construction on new fortifications, including an ambitious new castle.

The Duke sought the fabled Horn of Blasting, offering a 10’000 gp bounty. It’s use would dramatically accelerate his construction projects. The Horn was ultimately found and the bounty paid to a group of adventurers.

The Ebonhawke sigil is a black falcon on a field of light grey.

The Vampire Conspiracy

One of the Duke’s retainers, the witch Fatale, had secretly forged an alliance with the vampire lord, Count Vendess. Fatale used her influence with the Duke to facilitate Princess Margaret’s kidnapping.

The Princess was ultimately rescued and Fatale’s hold over the Duke broken (though Fatale remains fugitive). Now in possession of the Horn, the Duke redoubles his efforts to establish himself as the dominant power in the region.

Duke Ebonhawke

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