A mysterious foreign witch with an affinity for darkness.


Those who interact with Fatale say she is a young, beautiful shadovar woman, wise and hardened beyond her years. But few have actually seen more of her than the dark cloak with which she shrouds herself at all times.

Fatale appeared in Thunderstone as part of Duke Ebonhawke’s retinue; her true origins and homeland remain a mystery. What is known is that the Duke quickly came to rely on her council above all others.

The Vampire Conspiracy

With Fatale’s help, the vampire lord Count Vendess was able to kidnap the Duke’s wife, Princess Margaret. During a foul ritual he attempted to use the power contained in the Horn of Blasting and the Orb of Darkness to strip out her soul and replace it with that of his dead wife.

The plot was foiled when adventurers interrupted the ritual and slew the Count. Fatale managed to retain possession of the Orb and made good her escape. Why she involved herself in the plot and her present whereabouts are unknown.


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