Into the Darkness

The Story Thus Far

That night at the Cap and Candle Inn the townsfolk gather in the common room to hear Barliman recount the news of the day:

“So after braving the Haunted Forest, saving the Reclaimers, killing the orcs, exploring the Mines of Karak, slaying the dragon, recovering the Horn of Blasting, and living to tell about it—the party returned to town."
“How’d they do all that?”
“How, you ask? Might and magic, lads. And teamwork, too.”
“Aye. It takes a team, everyone with their special skills and role to play.”
“So who’s on the team?”

“Well, there’s LeShanna.”
“She’s a filthy elf!”
“No! Not her, not that one. She’s from— beyond the veil between worlds.”
“Aye, she’s the foreign sort. Stepped out of the moonlight, she did, right into the world! Fey sorcery, ‘twas.”
“She can ensorcel me anytime!”
“She’s a witch!”
“A witch, aye. And whatever you do, don’t look into those eyes unless you fancy spending the rest of your days in a dream. Those eyes…”
“So that’s the good kind of elf?”
“You bet, son.”

“Who’s that guy she’s always with?”
“Ah, Vinnemar? He’s some sort of tree…plant…person. Like’s to shoot things with magic arrows…Hmm…To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of him.”
“A feast table!”
“As solid a beam as ever there was!”
“A right doughty stool!”

“Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget good, honest Baltric. Never was there a nobler mage wronged by fate. He survived the vicious iniquities of the goblin pits…endured the bestial prodding of the kobold pens…”
“I’ll tell you what true magic is, friends: suffering that indignity and still having it in him to set foot in this common room to buy me a drink!”
“Hear! Hear!”

“Of course, no team is complete without heaven on its side: that’s where Leorin comes in. Stern and proud, like a god himself. Very willing and very able to shine the light of truth straight into the infidel’s eye! The best kind of priest!”
“The only good priest is—“
“We’d follow him into Hell itself!”
“Aye, though he can be a little pompous at times…and full of himself…”

“And then there’s Lupina.”
“Lupina like the flower?”
“Sure. But not the sort of flower you’d bring home to mama, boys. This one’s got thorns. And the thorns do God’s work, too. Sure, she’s got fur; sure, she’s more beast than man— ”
“Lupina’s a man?!”
“But I’ll tell you what: if you ever saw a she-wolf defend her pups, you know how a little ferocity goes a long way towards keeping the family all in one piece.”

“What about the sword guy?”
Bishop? Well, that’s what he’s called. And bishop he may be—but a bishop of the blade. That one’s out to right the wrongs of the world with sword and spell.”
“He’s the greatest swordsman in the land!”
“I bet Bishop could win a fight against any of the others.”

“Oh? Against Arduin the Avalanche, the Ragebringer; called Orc-Slicer, Troll-Hacker, Dragon-Cleaver, Destroyer of Goblins; the Scourge of the North, the Bringer Low of Foulness Far and Wide; and the all-around badass berserker?”
“I heard he’s into romantic poetry.”
“Yeah, he’s a big softy.”

“Hey! Aren’t’cha forgettin’ some’un… hic!”
“Aye. Thom. The elf. "
“That lying cheat!”
“Right. But I guess every good party has its fool.”


derendel Magulos

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