Into the Darkness

How to Keep a Keep

The party searched the Keep for remaining problems. While they came across no more Gnolls, they did have to battle a pair of magically enchanted furniture that were not pleased with the party’s intrusions. Despite a pitched battle with the living King sized bed and the hideous Chest of Drawers, the party prevailed.

Continuing to explore the Keep they found that the door connecting the main Keep to the Tower was locked. After some time, they were able to find a way in to the Tower and found that it also was empty.

Over the next several days, they cleaned out as much as they could and began thinking about repairs. The arrival of displaced people was not entirely unexpected. However, the sheer numbers of folk coming to the Keep was astounding. Not only did they begin to establish a small community outside of the Keep, they were willing to assist in the repairs. The stories of attacks by assorted (and typically unaffiliated) monsters were disturbing to all. It seemed that parties made up of all manner of evil creatures (Gnolls, Giants, Ogres, Orcs, and Goblins among others) were attacking small settlements and farmhouses all over the land.

One day, under the banner of the City of Capitar and the Crown, Butch Mardaw and a few of his boys rode into the Keep. He said the stories of the monster attacks had spread all the way to Capitar. The Queen herself had taken an interest and was offering 10,000 gold to any individual who would be willing to try to quell the attacks. The group jumped at the chance to acquire more gold to continue the repairs to the Keep. Rumors of a central location located beneath a small mountain a day’s ride away gave the party a starting point.


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