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  • Reclaimers

    h3. *Mission* Reclaimers advocate nothing less than a crusade against goblinkind. The mission is two-fold. First, they seek to take back all lands lost in the Goblin Wars. Second, in order to prevent a repeat of that tragedy, and to better understand …

  • Sea Kings

    •How many? •One or two on the Queen's Council as reward for saving Capitar during the Goblin wars. •Salt Princes/Folk: Derogatory term for new nobility with roots in the pirate fleets. Commoners are termed Salt Folk. Generally eager to assimilate.

  • Church

    Syncretic organization which attempts to unite all religious beliefs demonstrated to be divinely inspired (as in, miraculous) under a single community. Medallions A recent trend said to originate from the Seafolk is the use of medallions to signify …

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