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  • Capitar

    h3. *HISTORY* The capital city of the kingdom, located against the sea on a peninsula at its southern-most point. A sprawling metropolis with a population well in excess of a million souls. During the Goblin Wars, Capitar and the nearby lands …

  • Places

    [[Capitar]] [[Haunted Forest]] [[Karak]] [[Thunderstone]]

  • Karak

    Karak refers both to a range of hills in the [[Haunted Forest]] as well as the village and mine located there. Legend has it that long ago the hills of Karak were created by a falling meteorite. Karak was once home to a clan of dwarves renowned for …

  • Thunderstone

    *Population:* ~2'500 (75% human) *Economy:* market, farming, river trade *Government:* formerly Town Council (Mayor, Alderman, priest, 2 others); now Dukal Autocracy h3. *GEOGRAPHY* # *North:* Drakespool Passage (road) to Bleakmoore Hills # *West …

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