Goblin Wars

  • Goblin hordes appear from the Waste and begin conquering kingdom after kingdom in an unprecedented onslaught.
  • Over the course of the next century, the forces of good are gradually pushed south into a small kingdom based around Capitar. Only the support of the Sea Kings’ pirate fleets ensures its survival.

Reclamation Crusade

  • Goblin disunity is increasingly apparent. A decisive battle turns the tide and goblins begin a ragged retreat.
  • King calls for a crusade, The Reclamation, with the goal of reconquering goblin-held territory and eventually taking the fight to the goblin homeland. With the King at its head, a Grand Army marches north, liberating as they go, eventually crossing the Waste. Contact becomes increasingly sporadic.

The New Age

  • It’s been almost two years since any word from the King. Meanwhile, the Queen is regent until her son comes of age. The Queen’s Council rules, dominated by the Archbishop.
  • Pioneers begin moving north to resettle liberated territory.


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