The capital city of the kingdom, located against the sea on a peninsula at its southern-most point. A sprawling metropolis with a population well in excess of a million souls.

During the Goblin Wars, Capitar and the nearby lands became a haven for countless refugees displaced during a century of fighting. They survived the crisis thanks to the city’s world-class port and a tenuous alliance with the piratical Sea Kings.

Today Capitar is a vast melting pot bustling with activity. It’s the beating heart of a kingdom on the rise, and its connection to the wider world.

Population: ~1 million (60% human)
Economy: trade
Government: Mayor and Queen’s Council


  1. North: The greater kingdom, and the Goblin lands beyond.
  2. South: The Sea and foreign lands.


  1. Lord Junan Forayna, Mayor: Human male, 38. Son of the retired former mayor and the quintessential image of nobility. A troubled first year in office has been marked by bad decisions and ill-fated alliances. Some are now questioning his competency. A Queen’s Man, Forayna’s political position depends on maintaining the status quo. As mayor of the capital, his influence on the Queen’s Council is considerable.


  1. Old City: The original city was built on a patch of marshy ground criss-crossed with canals. With the advent of the Goblin Wars a century ago, the city quickly sprawled beyond its walls and the hills beyond. Presently parts of the Old City which aren’t abandoned host slums, criminals, and worse. The Mayor has championed an urban renewal program to remedy this, though little progress has been made.
  2. Port: Probably the greatest of its kind in the known world, the port of Capitar hosts trading vessels from a thousand lands. The wharves bustle with activity at all hours.
  3. Royal Palace: Seemingly always under construction, the Palace is growing from a humble city manor to a sprawling administrative complex. Mayor Forayna has made the palace the centerpiece of a massive urban renewal of the Old City. Unfortunately, recent financial troubles have halted renovation, resulting in a generally unfinished state and arguably in worse shape than before.



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